Prescience Insilico

Our Mission

Prescience is dedicated in developing new technologies, providing know-how and transferring technologies in the field of materials and drug development. We aspire to democratize artificial intelligence (AI) augmented computational modelling and simulations for the benefit of industrial revolution in smart materials/molecules and faster drug development.

AI is becoming the 4th pillar of scientific innovation along with experimentation, theory, and modelling (Simulations). The major component of any scientific innovation starts from assumption followed by some early experiments and theory. Fine tuning of these experiments and theory is done through an understanding of the assumption (termed as mechanism) where modelling (Simulations) plays a significant role. In this scientists are adding AI to the equation for better understanding of data generated from all these theories, simulations and early experiments for better designing their final experiments. At Prescience, we have taken this challenge of integrating all these four pillars through the development of easy to use technologies that will cater to the materials and drug industry.

Computational modelling and Simulation

Computer simulations integrated with data analysis and AI can solve scientific problems, increase understanding of the systems, predict (design) materials, chemical, formulations, drugs and finally reduce the burden of experimental time (cost). We are pioneer in designing any materials (from small molecules to polymer to formulation) using computational (in silico) approach.

Artificial Intelligence

We are dedicated in taking advantage of AI in modelling and simulation to add value to each other. We are applying computing as a virtual laboratory environment (we call it in silico) that is an integration of mathematical and statistical tools with AI methods to assist in modelling and simulation. This integration is helping in customising modelling and simulation tool to develop knowledge-based systems to arrive at some conclusions.

Innovative GPU based low cost computation

Computational cost is one of the major limitation for integrating it at a very early stage of innovation in any R&D process. We are transforming this by innovating cost effective solutions without compromising in theoretical details. We have successfully implemented molecular simulation methods for large (~ 10 million particles) size systems in consumer level GPUs.


In this world, cutting edge innovations are only possible in collaborations and partnerships. We partner with industry, academia, government R&D labs, incubation centres, startups and individuals looking for solutions, mechanistic understanding and designing new entities (molecules, polymers, coatings, drugs etc) for any applications.

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